Opira is a leading, privately-owned indoor environment consultancy and product technology company head-quartered in Brisbane, Queensland. Our services team of qualified scientists have completed over 3,000 risk management projects across Australia and are equipped to carry out projects to NATA standards.

Asbestos Management

When you think you may have asbestos on your property, contact Opira. We can assist with asbestos testing in a NATA-approved laboratory.

Controlled Environment Testing

Opira’s skilled technicians provide contamination control and cleanroom testing services throughout Australia.

Disinfection and Decontamination Service

At Opira, we offer our clients quality disinfection and decontamination assistance. Our experienced team provides a comprehensive and accredited service.

Hazardous Chemicals Management

We complete site inspections and produce comprehensive documentation in support of hazardous chemical management to meets industry-standard accreditation.

HVAC Hygiene Consultancy

Opira can provide you with HVAC hygiene and duct cleaning project support. We help manage the process with you identifying any high-risk sensitive environments across your organisation.

Indoor Air and Environment Quality Assessments

At Opira, we provide Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) testing and consultation. Our comprehensive assessments consider improving quality of life, user comfort, reducing stress, and limiting potential illness or injuries.

Occupational and Workplace Exposure Monitoring

Opira can provide a range of services to assess personal environmental exposure to airborne contaminants within the workplace. We undertake an assessment and provide a detailed report to assist you with improving your environment.

Respirator Fit Testing

Opira can offer on-site fit testing for Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) to confirm your employees are protected correctly from airborne contaminants, fibers, and respirable dust like crystalline silica and asbestos.

Water Quality
Testing and Consulting

Our site audits provide comprehensive testing of non-filtered drinking water at representative outlets. We compare these results to current Australian drinking water standards and provide documentation of the reported outcomes.

Serving the public and private sector.

Opira is experienced in working with a wide range of clients, across industries including:

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities 
  • Commercial buildings and all grades of office buildings
  • Retail precincts and shopping centres
  • Pharmaceutical and specialist manufacturing laboratories 
  • Multi-residential and apartment buildings 
  • Entertainment centres and sports facilities
  • Hotels, casinos, and leisure precincts 
  • Universities, research facilities, and school-based laboratories 
  • Industrial warehouses and factories 
  • Residential aged care and urban villages

Download the Opira Quality Policy. View our ISO 9001 certificate.

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