Asbestos Registers & Surveys

Opira are qualified professionals and have extensive experience in Asbestos registers & surveys for a broad range of organisations. We provide a comprehensive assessment and detailed report for your consideration. Government legislation requires that any asbestos removal greater than 10m2 or a friable material must be undertaken by a licensed and qualified asbestos removalist. Our team will undertake a detailed analysis prior to any work commencing and provide your organisation with a clear management protocol that complies with legislative requirements and ensures the safety of your workforce.

Asbestos registry & surveys cover Friable materials (materials which may be broken or crushed with normal hand pressure allowing asbestos fibres to be released) must only be removed by a Class A licensed asbestos removalist. An independent licensed asbestos assessor must be engaged to undertake the asbestos air monitoring during the removal of the asbestos materials and conduct clearance inspections.

Bonded asbestos-containing materials > 10m2 must be removed by a Class B or Class A licensed asbestos removalist. An independent competent person or a licensed asbestos assessor must undertake the clearance inspection and issue the clearance report following the completed asbestos removal works.

Air monitoring must be conducted during the removal of friable asbestos materials and again for the clearance of the removal area(s). It is also highly recommended for asbestos air monitoring to be undertaken for B-Class non-friable asbestos removal works which may be close to public areas, other workers or to determine whether fibre suppression control measures are sufficient. Air monitoring must be conducted by a suitable experienced independent person.

Opira can assist with Asbestos registry & surveys, project management for asbestos removals, along with air monitoring and building asbestos surveys.