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HVAC Hygiene Consultancy and duct cleaning projects can be complicated, involving high-risk sensitive environments in hospitals, research laboratories or pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. They may also require a considerable financial investment from the client.

The scientific team at Opira have had over 20 years of experience in the HVAC hygiene industry and are able to identify and measure all possible HVAC contaminants. We can conduct HVAC Hygiene Consultancy, audits and prepare a detailed scope of remedial works to restore the indoor air quality of your building or facility.
After an initial consultation, we can tailor a range of services including:

HVAC Hygiene Audits

Opira can suggest an inspection schedule that considers the: age of assets, number of run hours and criticality of the areas the HVAC system serves.
Each audit includes a thorough inspection of the AHU including associated components (coils, drain trays, fans, motors, walls, lights and dampers), a representative inspection of outside air, supply air, and return air ducting. A sample of flexible ducting, cushion headboxes and grilles rounds out the audit. The final audit report is easy to read, with lots of images. It also details scope of work and estimated budget for any remedial works.

Tender Process Management

Based on your existing HVAC hygiene audits, Opira can prepare detailed RFPs for hygiene contractors. Opira can prepare a tender document, that not only clearly defines the scope of work for each system to be remediated, but also considers the following:

  • Type of contaminants
  • Containment strategies
  • Health and safety
  • Material specifications
  • Access openings
  • Project management
  • Cleanliness verification
  • Contractor experience, qualifications and references
  • Quality assurance
  • Insurances

We are able to review tender submissions with clients and make recommendations on which contractor to select.

Project Management and Superintendent of Works

Upon contract approval, Opira can assist with project management and coordination of contractors, including initial site introductions and toolbox talks, as well as conducting site visits during key activities and milestones to ensure the project is completed to a high standard, time and within budget.

Cleanliness Verification

Third-party cleanliness verification and inspection of HVAC hygiene and duct cleaning projects can deliver real results and save your business thousands. Cleanliness verifications ensure project quality and peace of mind as most of the ducting is not easily accessible or available for inspection during a live duct cleaning project. We give you the confidence that 100% of the duct cleaning project scope has been effectively delivered.