About Us

Opira: Your Premier Indoor Environment Consultancy and Technology Provider in Australia.

Founded in 2002, Opira stands as a trusted name in the field of indoor environmental solutions. With a successful track record of over 3,000 risk management projects valued at $1,000,000 and beyond, our team of qualified scientists and technicians is committed to delivering indoor environmental testing and risk management services that adhere to Austalian standards.

Our customers not only benefit from Opira’s consultancy services but also enjoy peace of mind when exploring our product sales division. We offer a curated selection of high-quality equipment sourced from globally respected brands. Trust Opira for all your indoor environment needs.

Our Commitment

No matter how large or small your organisation is, we understand the importance of working collaboratively with you. With our stability, geographic reach, knowledge and experience, and NATA accredited Asbestos Laboratory, Opira is well placed to oversee your indoor environment risk management projects – we place great emphasis on developing and maintaining strong relationships with our clients.

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Industry Association

We are actively engaged in many industry associations and proactively work to improve Australian national standards in indoor air quality.

Serving the public and private sector.

Opira is experienced in working with a wide range of clients across industries, including:

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Commercial buildings and all grades of office buildings
  • Retail precincts and shopping centres
  • Pharmaceutical and specialist manufacturing laboratories
  • Multi-residential and apartment buildings
  • Entertainment centres and sports facilities
  • Hotels, casinos, and leisure precincts
  • Universities, research facilities, and school-based laboratories
  • Industrial warehouses and factories
  • Residential aged care and urban villages

Download the Opira Quality Policy. View our NATA Scope.

Our Team

Scott has over two decades of business experience specialising in critical environment testing, indoor air quality testing, Asbestos, and HVAC hygiene management. 

Gavin Crosswell

General Manager / CFO

Gavin is an accomplished executive manager with a wealth of experience delivering successful results across all areas of business operations. Gavin is degree qualified in IT and accounting, leads the business from the front, providing support to all our service teams.

Air Quality Testing Sydney Technician

Gregor Riese

Director NSW

Gregor Riese, is an environmental scientist and occupational hygienist experience in the waste management and recycling industries since 1996.

View a lits of the services the Sydney Office provide.

Mark Graham

Director WA

Mark Graham is a dedicated environmental service provider passionate about understanding the risks associated with the built environment and applying a best practice approach to encourage safer and more sustainable workplaces.

View the list of services the Perth Office provide.

Unmeesh Sankpal

Unmeesh Sankpal

business development

Unmeesh, a seasoned specialist, excels in building effective relationships with diverse stakeholders to enhance customer experience and develop holistic solutions.

With a proven track record of surpassing customer expectations, Unmeesh has boosted Opira’s market presence through innovative business strategies. His expertise lies in acquiring, retaining, and deepening customer bases, showcasing a deep understanding of customer needs and product knowledge.

View a list of services the Melbourne Office provides.

Jason Vecchio Business Development

Jason Vecchio

Business Development

With a Bachelor of Science and a wealth of experience in the biotechnology sector, Jason is a seasoned Product Specialist known for his exceptional customer management skills.

He excels in understanding the unique requirements of our clients in the Life Sciences and Biotechnology fields, ensuring their satisfaction through effective communication and tailored solutions.

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Linda Jordinson

Chief marketing officer

Linda is an experienced Marketing and Communications professional with experience in the Waste, Architectural and Building industries since 2000.

Ina Donaldson

product & service sales

Ina is an experienced sales and product consultant, having worked for Opira as our Sales and Service coordinator for four years; she knows our customers and products inside out.

Riane Bunning

Technical Coordinator

Riane has been working in customer service for over ten years and has recently worked in HR for the last four years.

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Position Vacant

lab manager

We are looking for a Lab Manager and Senior Environmental Consultant with experience in conducting hazardous materials building surveys and occupational hygiene services. Read more…

Curtis Bettell

Curtis Bettel

Environmental consultant

Curtis has experience in indoor air quality and workplace hygiene consulting providing solutions for clients including: government, healthcare providers, commercial laboratories, and industrial manufacturers since 2010.