Asbestos Management

NATA accreditation number

Asbestos is heavily legislated in Australia. The requirements of compliant workplace asbestos management include the provision of a workplace asbestos register and management plan if a building has asbestos present and/or the building was constructed prior to 2004.

Opira can provide an asbestos management service that not only ensures compliance with the relevant state based legislation but an ongoing management plan to ensure effective controls and procedures are in place to maintain a safe workplace.

The identification and assessment process is in accordance with the Code of Practice for Management and Control of Asbestos in Workplaces [NOHSC: 2018(2005)].

Suspected asbestos Items will be identified by either analysis at a NATA accredited laboratory or suspected or presumed of containing asbestos if laboratory analysis is not feasible.

A risk assessment for each identified item will be conducted for each item based on interrelated factor and each asbestos item assigned a risk rating. This assists building occupants, management and owners to manage asbestos items either with routine controls or through more immediate action such as removal.

The asbestos removal process can also be project managed by Opira and to ensure compliance with the Code of Practice for The Safe Removal of Asbestos 2nd Edition [NOHSC: 2002(2005)].

Opira’s Asbestos Management services include:

  • Building surveys for workplace registers and management plans
  • Building surveys for demolition and refurbishment risk management
  • Personal exposure air monitoring
  • Control air monitoring for asbestos removal
  • Clearance monitoring and visual clearance verification
  • Asbestos removal project management
  • Respirator fit testing