TOMI Sterimist Decontamination Service

Tomi Steramist is a mobile environmentally safe TGA approved technology that can be rapidly deployed to kill deadly pathogens and bacteria on contact.

Tomi SteraMist™ systems are mobile and environmentally safe. With TGA approval they can be rapidly deployed to kill deadly pathogens and bacteria. Useful in all critical applications including Healthcare, Research, IVF, Life Science, Food, Bioscience, Pharmaceutical, public transport, and patient transport. 

Staying prepared is crucial and choosing the right disinfection to assist your needs is essential. Using premium disinfection that can quickly kill pathogens with high efficacy, avoiding surface and equipment damage while leaving behind no residue with SteraMist, will have you returning operations back to normal while ensuring a cleaner and completely disinfected facility.

In Australia and across the world airborne sterilisation is a widely accepted standard of technology.   Opira’s team of experienced technicians off an on-site biological decontamination and sterilisation services using TOMI SteraMist across a broad range of industry sectors. 

Delivering ionized Hydrogen Peroxide to create a mist that spreads into every area and completely wrapping around any object with powerful efficacy, and navigating small spaces with ease, Pathogens have nowhere to hide. 

This efficient and proven technology guarantee repeatable efficiencies provide decontamination services for contaminated zones, rooms and equipment for emergency outbreak control or routine maintenance engineered for your organisation’s requirements. 

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