TBH Extraction Medical & Aesthetic Systems


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These filter and extraction systems are specially designed for your applications and needs. Working with lasers, for example during eye treatments or when removing birthmarks, sets free tiny particles. The systems remove the pollutants from the air directly at the point of origin and ensure a germ-free working environment.

  • The new, patented inline filter captures particles/bacteria/aerosols and ensures optimal capture
  • Particle filter ensures separation efficiency
High adsorption power of gaseous substances

Activated carbon granules filter gases and odors

Tool-free filter change

quickly, smoothly and without special knowledge

TBH hygiene concept

The effectiveness of TBH hygiene concept is tested and confirmed by the independent, accredited testing laboratory CleanControlling Medical GmbH & Co. KG in Emmingen-Liptingen

Inspiring control

permanently full control over the system

Optional capture elements

for various processes and applications






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