TBH Extraction (DF) Series


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Product Details

TBH Extraction (DF) Series was specifically developed for using in dental/ medical/ aesthetic fields of application in order to meet the high demand on hygiene and cleanability. Filter and extraction systems protect patients, medical staff and doctors from potentially infectious air, i.e. air contaminated with germs, bacteria/ viruses and particles or aerosols. In order to keep as few system parts as possible from contamination, simple and reliable cleaning/ disinfection as well as a convenient filter change are important. The InLine filter is a pre-filter in the capture element. It is located in the extraction hood close to the patient. It captures and filters emerging particles/ aerosols and separates them reliably. The protective grid and extraction hood must be cleaned in accordance with the hygiene concept (see Operating and Maintenance Manual). This ensures that germs/ bacteria/ viruses cannot be carried over from one patient to the next