Fumecare Sliding Sash fume Cupboard


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Product Details

The Fumecare sliding sash fume cupboard design which allows the door to be closed, ensuring that the contents are contained whilst in VAV (sash down) mode. The ductless construction allows for easy installation and setup for immediate use.

  • Harmful fumes pass through the unit’s filters, re-circulating clean air back into the laboratory.
  • The safety alarm will alert the operator if face velocity falls below 0.3 M/Sec.
  • Carbon and HEPA filters are available to suit most laboratory applications.
  • There is no need for expensive ducting to be installed due to the units recirculatory airflow.
  • Its ductless construction allows for the unit to be moved.
  • Internal LED lighting illuminates the work surface.
  • Electronic monitoring system comes as standard.