Rigel RI8401 Aerosol Generator


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The Rigel RI8401 Thermal Aerosol Generator is the perfect choice to test and validate all kind of areas.
This is the smallest and lightest aerosol generator on the market. Plus, having a easy-drainable tank due to a valve located at the bottom makes this unit the most practical unit you can work with.  The RI8401 has a possibility to start generation with a remote controller (Optional).

The RI8401 has a great autonomy in continuous duty: at a median concentration it can generate up to 8 hours.

No need for special kind of oil to work with this unit: it generates perfectly with the most common fluid such Emery, Ondina, PAO4 and DEHS.

This unit start to generate a consistent amount of aerosol at very low pressures (5 PSI/0.35 bar), giving the opportunity to work even at very little areas.

RIGEL RI8401 gives his best in cleanrooms , operating room & Safety Cabinet, Isolators, Rabs