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NINcha P31

It is a mobile climate chamber for fingerprint development on porous and semi-porous surfaces using Ninhydrin, DFO and Indandione.

NINcha is a series of climate chambers designed to develop fingerprints and similar marks on porous surfaces. Evidence with fingerprints is treated in the usual way by dipping or spraying with developers like Ninhydrin, DFO or Indandione. After an evaporation step, it is developed in a climate chamber. This allows the evidence to be produced under the ideal temperature and humidity conditions for the best results.

Many laboratories attempt to do the development step in a cabinet or chamber designed for other uses. These, unfortunately, are not ideal for evidence development. Not only can they produce inferior results, but less standardized methods also threaten laboratory credibility, and the use of improper equipment can contaminate evidence and even cause it to develop mould. NINcha was specially designed for forensic use, using the feedback of professionals working in the field. And is a hallmark of modern-day forensic equipment standards for fingerprint development on porous surfaces. All NINcha series models are constructed with the exact innovative details, using future-proofed state-of-the-art production techniques.

The P31 model has specifically been designed as a portable suitcase-sized version of our larger NINcha models, able to provide high-quality results even outside the lab. When the evidence cannot come to the lab, the P31 brings the lab right to the evidence.

Stainless Steel and Glass Interior

The inner climate chamber of every NINcha P31 is made from high-quality, smooth stainless steel, making it easy to clean and resistant to corrosive material. This makes removing DNA contamination simple and allows peroxide-based cleaners to be used, as these cleaners would damage and be less effective on painted and plastic surfaces.
The NINcha P31 setup includes large evidence racks to hold two A4 pieces of letter paper at once or multiple smaller pieces of evidence.

Mobility without compromise – NINcha P31

NINcha P31 is built into a durable rolling case with an extendable handle for transportation and storage.

While smaller in size, the P31 model still upholds the same evidence-processing standards as the larger models, even when access to a laboratory is impossible.

The large glass viewing pane allows users to observe evidence as it develops. The chamber door locks automatically to protect anyone from accidentally disturbing evidence while being designed. Like the large NINcha systems, the P31 has the same datalogger system to provide quality assurance and make documentation of evidence processing faster and easier.

NINcha P31 – Innovative Operation

Users can control NINcha P31 via a user-friendly multilingual touch panel display. The highly customizable system allows users to control and monitor all their development parameters. Not only does the system have pre-programmed cycles for easy one-button development using familiar developers on the market (such as DFO), but users can adjust these pre-programmed cycles or even create their own custom cycles for completely new developers that enter the market in the future.

Users can easily monitor all the relevant chamber parameters during a development cycle. These cycles can be set to run automatically, or users can control the system manually. In addition, our datalogger records all relevant cycle parameters so they can be downloaded later for review or simply for documentation and quality control.

Condensation is an issue in many climate chambers, producing water droplets that could touch evidence and damage it. Our P31 model, like the larger NINcha models, has a unique condensation control system that ensures your chamber stays at the desired humidity while keeping condensation away from evidence.





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