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Mould Testing

Our indoor environmental scientists provide a full range of mould inspection, assessment and testing services. Mould is more than just unsightly. It can also be incredibly dangerous, affecting indoor air quality and providing a toxic environment.

Unfortunately, no building is completely immune to mould, and it’s particularly a problem in damp environments. Warmer climates like we have in Australia can cause humidity, condensation and ultimately mould inside buildings.

Mould produces tiny particles called spores, and these travel through the air. When inhaled, these particles can cause a range of health problems such as nasal issues, irritation to the eyes and skin, and also respiratory problems. Needless to say, whether you’re in the public or private sector, mould testing and control is essential.

Why is mould testing important?

Because mould releases spores that become airborne, even the smallest instance of mould in a building can have an effect. Firstly, it’s a serious health risk, but mould can also damage building structures if left untreated. 

In some cases, mould growth is easily identifiable, however, it’s not always simple to define what’s causing it. That’s why a trained indoor Air Scientist from Opira is your best choice for mould testing and assessment. 

In addition to regular indoor environmental health checks, there are several specific situations in which you’ll need experts to conduct your testing. These include cases where there is a legal dispute between building owners and tenants relating to mould, or even insurance cases. When expert reports are required, people come to Opira.

How do mould inspection and assessment work?

Our mould testing inspection process is tailored to your individual needs and the severity of your problems.

The first step is usually a visual inspection of the building to determine the location and source of mould. This will include checking all surfaces, as well as ventilation systems., including air handling units, ducting,  and diffusers. In many circumstances in commercial large ducted HVAC systems to thoroughly investigate we will need to cut an access panel into HVAC ducting to conduct sampling and inspections. 

All our scientific team are trained to install access panels so we don’t need a second party contractor to come on board to provide the access installation to do a thorough investigation.

We always attempt to use non-invasive methods initially, such as thermal imaging if required. If the cause or source of mould is difficult to identify, other methods may be required. Some samples can also be tested on-site, using our nearly purchased mycometer while others are collected and analysed at our facility or other NATA accredited laboratories.

Once the type of mould and its causes are fully understood, we work to provide advice that will include a full remediation plan as well as involving other consultants and contractors to engineer solutions to prevent the mould from returning.

Ongoing mould management

When mould is present in your building, there’s a strong likelihood it will return if no management protocol is put into place. Our experts work closely with you to formulate an ongoing mould management plan. This could be as simple as improving ventilation in certain areas or installing special technology to assist with any underlying moisture problems. Conversely, it may require complete equipment replacement such as HVAC to provide conditions that inhibit mould growth.

The ongoing management of mould varies depending on each building, but with Opira, you’re in safe hands. We’re the experts in indoor environmental management and air quality control.

Why choose Opira for mould assessment and testing?

In most cases, identifying and assessing mould in a building requires more than just a visual inspection and a clean-up. It takes an indoor health specialist to properly carry out a mould testing service, and that’s why our clients choose us.

We don’t just tell you that you have a mould problem – we discover the cause and help you prevent further problems. We take mould assessment and testing seriously, and we provide long-lasting solutions to keep your indoor environment healthy, hygienic and safe.

Contact Opira now for an intensive mould assessment and testing.