MEGAfume Cyanoacrylate fuming chamber


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MEGAfume Cyanoacrylate fuming chamber

The Megafume Cyanoacrylate fuming chambers- the cyanoacrylate fuming chamber for the development of fingerprints on non-porous surfaces

Cyanoacrylate (superglue) fuming is a method for developing fingerprints on non-porous surfaces, such as metal, glass, and plastics. We designed this cabinet specifically for accredited laboratories requiring high safety, quality, and cleanliness levels for this task.

Our XL61 model is for laboratories that need to treat more significant amounts of evidence at once or pieces of evidence that most standard chamber sizes on the market would simply be too small to accommodate.

Our MEGAfume Cyanoacrylate fuming chambers have a sleek and modern design, built to be easy to clean and provide an excellent well-lit view of evidence from any angle, with a user-friendly touch-panel display.

Innovative Interior Design Concept – MEGAfume Cyanoacrylate fuming chambers

MEGAfume chambers have an external support frame with glass safety walls, giving the users a 360° view of their evidence. At the same time, it develops, which means that the internal structure of the chamber does not have a large amount of interior structural components, resulting in a chamber that is easy to clean after use.

All our MEGAfume parts, including the water reservoir and circulation fan, can easily be removed from the chamber. In addition, all evidence rods and support shelving be rearranged or removed without tools and conveniently fit a laboratory dishwasher. Our MEGAfume parts are all constructed from stainless steel and made durable and resistant to harsh cleaning solutions needed for DNA decontamination.

Innovative Control System

Users control all MEGAfume Cyanoacrylate fuming chambers via a sizeable multilingual colour touch panel display on the front of the unit. Users can quickly select and run one of our pre-programmed cycle options for typical cyanoacrylate developers, modify and save programs, or fully customise and save their cycle settings. The system also allows users to run cycles automatically once they are started or manually control each cycle step if needed.

Humidity, fuming temperature, and even cycle step time are all customisable, making the system simple to use with various developers.

Effective with standard cyanoacrylate and fluorescent one-step developers. The customisation options allow for using more uncommon cyanoacrylate developers, enabling adjustment of settings to accommodate developers that are not yet on the market.

USB Datalogger

Reproducibility and documentation are critical to evidence processing, especially for those seeking ISO 17025 accreditation.

Our datalogger records all cycle information for all programming options, including a pre-programmed, fully customised or manually controlled cycle.

Users can download data via USB flash drive for review, interpretation, chamber condition, and cycle parameters report generation. Additional features include the options for graphical representation.  

Users can also utilise this program to customise their reports by adding extra notes and department logos to the template.

Innovative Filter Management

After each cycle is complete, a high-quality low-dust carbon filter removes cyanoacrylate from the fuming chamber. 

This filter is highly effective at purging the chamber air, requiring no additional external ventilation system. In addition, it can quickly be swapped out without tools when it is time for a filter change.

However, our filter system’s highlight is the filter management program. Based on the worst-case scenario, many cyanoacrylate fuming chambers on the market estimate the filter life. 

Accuracy is essential, and our filter management system keeps track of the system’s true filter life. As a result, users can tell the system precisely what kind of cyanoacrylate developer they are using and how much they are using. In addition, the system will automatically calculate, adjust, and track the filter saturation and indicate when the filter requires replacement, ensuring the maximum life of the filters.

Walk-in model MEGAfume XL61

Our new extra-large walk-in model MEGAfume XL61 model is the latest addition to the MEGAfume Cyanoacrylate fuming chambers family. It is suitable for much larger pieces of evidence, such as bicycles. However, it may also be an exciting alternative for laboratories that must simultaneously fume much larger volumes of evidence.

MEGAfume XL61 featuring a door aperture of nearly one meter offers comfortable access for loading the chamber with even bulky evidence. In addition, with a double-winged door, there is little need for space in front of the chamber. Offering the possibly most flexible and variable shelving concept in the market, MEGAfume XL61 is the ideal all-purpose tool for the laboratory.

Offering the same design features and control system as the smaller models MEGAfume S61 and M61, it provides all known benefits to the other members of the MEGAfume family.

Additional Accessories – MEGAfume Cyanoacrylate fuming chambers

We offer the following additional accessories:

  • Support system for longer pieces of evidence, such as bats and long-shaft rifles
  • Pin support bracket and shelf systems for smaller handguns, bottles, and cans
  • UV-C decontamination unit to help break down DNA contaminants (also compatible with our NINcha series)
  • Starter developer kit with cyanoacrylate, developer pans, stainless steel evidence clips, and stainless steel evidence hanging hooks






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