Fumecare Forensic Evidence Drying Cabinet


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The Forensic Evidence Cabinet is used for drying and storing evidence recovered from a crime scene. The cabinet will ensure containment of fumes, odours, and particulates, whilst also minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

Controls are located at front of the cabinet and include:
▪ Humidity sensor to inform the operator when the evidence is dry and ready to remove.
▪ Security tags and Key Locks on the main access door.
▪ Low Airflow Alarm for blocked filters.
▪ Optional heater in the top section to maintain an ambient temperature in cold locations.

Its recirculatory design makes the unit ‘ready to use’ with no ducting required for its operation or setup. Air entering into the top of the cabinet is first passed through an inlet pre-filter and then through a HEPA particulate filter to ensure it is clean and sterile. The sterile air then passes downwards through the cabinet in an laminar follow pattern ensuring evidence is dried under sterile air conditions. Vapours, odours and particulates given from drying evidence are filtered by both special carbon and HEPA filters located in the base unit. This ensures that no dangerous substances are exhausted in to the atmosphere surrounding the laboratory. Its ductless construction also allows the unit to be easily moved and transported.

Corrosion proof interior design increases operational life, with the use of reinforced plastics that are resistant to corrosion from various liquids and fumes.

Each cabinet includes a complete plumbing package that makes cleaning the cabinet easy. The spray hose is kept outside the working compartment at all times to prevent the chance of cross contamination. A drain outlet with flexible hose is provided to allow waste water to be removed from the cabinet. The space inside the cabinet can be used to provide full length hanging space and with removable shelves for storage of smaller items.




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