Asbestos Clearance Air Monitoring


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Asbestos monitoring and clearance projects are undertaken whilst removal works are occurring to ensure that all ACM and debris have been suitably removed using correct control measures, before the site can be re-occupied.

In Australia, there are a number of prescribe requirements that need to be met during and after an asbestos removal project. Opira can assist with clearance verifications as well as air monitoring during removal works to ensure that control measures have been adequate and there has been no potential fibre release whilst works were undertaken.

At the completion of an asbestos removal project, an independent party is required to undertake a clearance inspection. (There are some exemptions under state legislation pending quantity or type of material removed). Clearance verifications ensure that all asbestos containing material and associated debris from the removal works have been removed appropriately.

Clearance verifications usually involve a visual site inspection, tape testing and air monitoring to determine if the area is suitable for re-occupation or if remediation work is required.