Amira Bioreset Max


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Amira Bioreset® Max.
Light, handy, foolproof.

Protect easily operators and environments from viruses and micro-organisms with a highly effective technology (VHP) applied for years in controlled contamination areas.

The ideal solution for:

Surfaces and environments

Simply pressing a button, you can perform the bio-decontamination cycle of areas up to 350 m3 in automatic mode.

Biosafety cabinet

You can sterilise all exposed surfaces up to 6 Log, including HEPA filters which are often a possible point of presence of pathogens.


• Made of aluminium and ABS.
• Integrated 7” colour touch panel, simple and intuitive.
• Communication via Ethernet connection for remote control.
• Vaporizer capacity from 5 to 10 gr/min.
• Reports exported via USB port.
• Automatic cycle adjusted according to H2Oppm level.
• Catalyst with integrated blower with nominal airflow up to 650 m3/h.

Applications for Bioreset Max

• Biosafety cabinet
• Hospitals and healthcare facilities
• Dental and medical clinics
• Microbiological laboratories
• Biosafety laboratories
• Biomedical research facilities