TBH Extraction Cabinet (FP 150) ATEX


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TBH Extraction Cabinet (FP 150) ATEX ideally protected for contaminates

The FP 150 ATEX is equipped with a cleanable, anti static filter cartridge which allows dust cake being removed from the filter by using bursts of compressed air. The device is ideal for applications in which large amounts of dry, flammable dusts with a minimum ignition energy of >3mJ are extracted. The extraction system has a very long service life in comparison to systems with saturation filters. The extraction system is additionaly suitable for filtering easily flammable or explosive dusts and, according to the ATEX directive, labeled with EX II 2/- Dc IIIC T100°C for the use of extracting in Zone 21. Depending on the application, a special precoating powder can be used to enhance the filter lifetime in processes in which sticky particles need to be extracted.