Sanuvox Sanuvair® P900 Air Purification


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Product Details

P900 Air Purification Unit

All the benefits of the Sanuvox Sanuvair® patented whole-home system in a portable UV air purifier weighting only 11 lbs.

The P900-GX is a stand-alone, sturdy all-metal constructed unit designed for the reduction of airborne contaminants. This unit is designed for up to 86.3m2 and can also be mounted on a wall.

The unit pulls air into an aluminum chamber across a ‘J’ shaped dual wavelength UV lamp for air and odour disinfection.


The P900-GX is the perfect unit to travel with or for spot treating troublesome areas within a home, boat, caravan or unit.


  • Patented process including high-intensity 19mm Quartz UV ‘J’ lamp
  • Weight: 5kg
  • 9 electronically controlled speeds
  • Touch-pad digital controls with count-down timer
  • Two available installations: portable or wall-mounted
  • Stand and handle included
  • Unit dimensions: 47.6cm x 29.8cm

In the McGill Sputum study, the P900-GX is effective in:

  • Reducing airborne viable bacteria (tuberculosis) by close to 90%
  • Reducing bacterial concentrations at a rate equivalent to approximately 6 air changes per hour