Rigel RI8101 Aerosol Generator


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The Rigel RI8101 Thermal Aerosol Generator is the best choice to test and validate large areas requiring a consistent range of particulate dispersed in an aerosol concentration; it uses the principle of thermal condensation, using a block heater of superior robustness to produce specific concentrations of vaporized oil.

This unit has a large capacity liquid tank allowing the RI8101 to generate aerosol for up to 5 hours without requiring a refill, generating a wide range of aerosol particulate concentrations by discharging a controlled quantity of oil vapor into a large filtered and vented area.

Our Aerosol Generator incorporates also a digital temperature controller allowing the operator to adjust the unit’s operation for the specific aerosol agent being used.

RIGEL RI8101 gives his best in cleanrooms & operating rooms