Implen NanoPhotometer® N50 (Touch)

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Implen NanoPhotometer® N50 UV/Vis spectrophotometer for NanoVolume applications; colored touch screen; scan range 200 – 650 nm; detection range 5 – 7,500 ng/µl dsDNA; photometric range (10 mm) 0.1 – 150 A; Interfaces: HDMI, 2x USB A, USB B, Ethernet; optional control via Windows PC, MAC, tablet & smart phone (Android & iOS); incl. power supply, USB cable, dust cover, software & manual provided on USB flash drive, Harmonized Code: 90273000




• Sample Compression Technology™

• True Path Technology™

• Recalibration-free

• Concentration range 1 – 16,500 ng/μl dsDNA (N60)

• Concentration range 5 – 7,500 ng/µl dsDNA (N50)


• Full Scan Range from 200 – 900 nm in only 2.5 seconds

• 2.4 GHz Quad Core Processor, 64 GB onboard memory

• Built-in vortex (N60)


Easy to Use

• Control via optional 7″ glove compatible colour LCD touchscreen or        PC/Mac, tablet or smartphone

• Innovative software with one-click method access (Nucleic Acids, Protein UV, Protein Assays, Kinetics, OD600, Wavescan, Wavelength, Absorbance/Ratio, Concentration and Customized Apps)

• Small Footprint 20 x 20 cm


• WiFi, USB A/B, HDMI and LAN interfaces

• LIMS ready and 21 CFR part 11 compliant (N60)

• Integrated battery pack for 8 hours of stand-alone operation (optional)

• File formats: IDS (Implen document source), Excel and PDF

• Direct Printing on AirPrint, HP and Dymo printers

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