Downflow Booth


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Product Details

The Downflow Booth provides containment by utilizing high-velocity air to capture airborne dust particles. Downflow Booths are versatile devices that can be used to control exposure risk to hazardous materials for a wide variety of equipment and processes.

The downflow booth contains the following features:

  • Designed and manufactured to comply with AS 2252.6-2011 Controlled environments Clean workstations – Design, installation and use
  • Microprocessor control – users can control the fan, light, UV and adjust the air velocity with it.
  • The fan filter unit draws in contaminated air from the top of the module and exhausts filtered clean air vertically in a unidirectional (laminar) air stream. At its base is a self-contained fan and filter module for cleanroom applications.
  • Soft wall material – PVC anti-static dustproof curtain