TBH Atex Systems

TBH Atex Systems

Our ATEX Systems meet the requirements of the ATEX directive and are suitable for extraction from a ATEX zone 21 (FP-Series: CE EX II 2/- Dc IIIC T100ºC) and zone 22/2 (DT-Series: CE EX II 3GD (Gc/Dc) EX IIA T4 / IIIB T120°C). The suitability for the respective application depends on the substance to be extracted and must be considered individually.

  • TBH DT Extraction Cabinet
  • THB_FP150_ATEX

    TBH Extraction Cabinet (FP 150) ATEX

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    Effectively freeing the filter automatically from pollutants when it’s saturated by blasts of compressed air.

    • Filter cartridge of dust class M

    • Antistatic microfiber surface (PES) polyester

    • Conductive PTFE coating protects against mechanical damage

    • Cleaning by compressed air surges

    • Less filter changes

    • Low cost

    • Robust against mechanical damage

  • TBH Extraction Cabinet (FP 200) ATEX

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    The system meets the requirements of the ATEX directive (EX II 2/- Dc IIIC T100°C) and is suitable for extraction from a zone 21, although the system must be placed outside of the zone.

    • equipped with a cleanable anti-static filter cartridge

    • ideal for large amount of dry dust

    • suitable for flammable dust