How to save the Environment

Saving the environment from hazardous contamination in today’s world is more important in than ever, at Opira we care about the environment and the safety of the planet. 

With an ever-increasing risk of nuclear, biological, pharmaceutical, and chemical airborne hazards, Opira have Partnered with AAF Flandersto provide the state of the art engineered HEPA and HEGA Box Containment Units for high risk applications.

AAF Flanders high efficiency systems are used to filter and contain dangerous particulate and/or gaseous contaminants. In addition to manufacturing standard components, AAF Flanders specialises in the design, manufacturing, and testing of complete custom filtration systems. Detailed engineering ensures compatibility and maximum operating efficiency of housings, blower/motor assemblies, dampers, transitions, plenums, test ports, instrumentation, and other equipment. 

Each HEPA and HEGA Box Containment Unit is custom designed and engineered to suit the environmental hazard, made from high quality 304 stainless steel, the system is well equipped to handle any high risk nuclear, biological, pharmaceutical, and chemical airborne hazards.

AAF Flanders offers the most comprehensive air filtration portfolio in the industry. Each product is carefully designed, manufactured, and tested in full compliance with all applicable standards to meet the most challenging demands.

Conclusion – How do you reduce the risk of airborne containments effecting the wellbeing of the general public, employees and the environment? Install an AAF Flanders Containment Unit. 

How to save the Environment Opira

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